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Tiger fishing at Lake Jozini, South Africa

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Adventure Tiger Fishing Safaris

Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini / Pongolapoort Dam - Guide and Charter

Tiger Fish, Spinning, Lure Fishing and Fly Fishing Specialists, Lake Jozini - Pongolapoorty Dam

Lake Jozini - Pongolapoort Dam - Tiger Fishing Trips and Charters - Professional Guiding

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Adventure Tiger Fishing Safaris Reviews, Rating, Rankings and TestimonialsAdventure Tiger Fishing Safaris Reviews, Rating, Rankings and TestimonialsAdventure Tiger Fishing Safaris Reviews, Rating, Rankings and TestimonialsAdventure Tiger Fishing Safaris Reviews, Rating, Rankings and TestimonialsAdventure Tiger Fishing Safaris Reviews, Rating, Rankings and Testimonials

Tiger Fishing Guide and Charter at Lake Jozini, Pongolapoort Dam, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Tiger Fishing Charters at Lake Jozini, South AfricaGo on a Guided Tiger Fish Trip / Charter
Lake Jozini - Pongolapoort dam

Established in 2008. Adventure Fishing Safaris offers guided  fishing trips / charters at Lake Jozini also known as Pongolapoort Dam in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

We specialise in Lure Fishing, Spinning, and Fly Fishing for Tiger Fish.

Our 6m Catamaran Nawty Girl is based in Durban and we tow her up to Jozini for our Tiger Fishing trips and also some other destination as mentioned on our website.

Professional Tiger Fishing Guide and Charter Service

We are extremely well equipped, with Spinning Tackle, Bait Casters, and some Fly Fishing Tackle. With many years of experience Mike can show you the ropes and guide you to the fish.

We have many satisfied clients and many have caught their Personal Bests on one of our trips.

Spinning is a really interactive way to target these fearsome predators, and the takes are explosive and adrenalin pumping. For those with little or no experience we can have you up to speed quickly and enjoying your fishing.

Fly Fishing is far more technical and you need to know how to cast a fly rod before you choose this option.


Tiger Fishing with Adventure Fishing Safaris is not a regular Tiger Fishing experience, as an owner run operation our service is professional with a highly experienced and skilled guide (Mike) available for your adventure, so it is not some hired guy taking you out on the dam on a poorly equipped boat and just sitting there letting you try figure it out on your own.

When fishing for Tiger Fish you must accept the fact that you will loose many fish, some will come loose on the jump, whist others will tie you up in structure and many will bite you off regardless of a steel trace. Tiger Fish are extremly exciting to catch, they fight hard and do aerial acrobatics. WIth lure fishing the takes are expolosive and watching them hit your lure when fishing topwater gives one an adrenalin rush everytime.

Please read our Tiger Fishing Article - Hunting Jozini Tigers my Style

Jozini Tiger FishingTiger Fishing Pongola

Our Boat for Hire at Lake Jozini/Pongola Dam

Nawty Girl
Our 6m Catamaran with twin Mercury 90Hp outboard Motors. She is fully equipped with Fish Finder and GPS, fighting chair and out riggers, good tackle. She has a large aft deck. Nawty Girl is mobile on a trailer for fishing at other venues away from Durban. We can accomodate 4 persons on Nawty Girl

Our boat is well maintained, registered and licenced with SAMSA as bonifide and legal charter boat, has all required safety equipement which is up to date and is inspected annually by SAMSA.

Woman and Children are Welcome.

Please see our Rates and Trips

Tiger Fishing Pongolapoort DamTiger Fishing Packages South Africa

About Tiger Fish

The Tiger Fish (Hydrocynus Vittatus) is a major freshwater angling game fish and can easily be recognised by the bluish sheen on its back, a series of parallel longitudinal black stripes, intensive yellow to blood red fins with trailing black edges and a series of 8 large protruding sharply pointed teeth on each jaw.

Tiger fish are ferocious and aggressive apex predators, and are a hard fighting freshwater game fish. An awesome fish to catch on light tackle and fly fishing equipment. Tiger Fish are indigenous to Africa.
A local name given to the Tiger Fish is Striped Water Dog.

Tiger Fishing Trips Jozini DamPongolapoort Dam Tiger Fishing

About Lake Jozini / Pongolapoort Dam

Lake Jozini, also known as Pongolapoort Dam is situated in the North Eastern corner of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, near the towns of Pongola and Jozini, bordered by the Phongola Game Reserve, and several other Game Reserves and the Lebombo Mountains.

Lake Jozini is fed by the Pongola River and is South Africa’s premier Tiger Fish destination. Lake Jozini is the most southern lake and river system in Africa where Tiger Fish occur. The main target species here are the Tiger Fish which can get up to 8.5Kgs (18.7lbs) for the large Tiger Fish specimens, there are many Tiger Fish in the 900gr (2lb) range with the average Tiger fish being caught in the 1 - 4Kg (2.2-8.8lb) range, and specimens in the 5Kg (11lb) range are sometimes caught.

There are also 27 other recorded fish species in Lake Jozini. Lake Jozini and the whole Maputuland area is just one of those places where you can get back to your roots in Africa, unwind and refresh yourself. The area around the lake is magnificent and naturally wild and you are able to view many species of Birds and Game whilst fishing. Whilst fishing here on the boat I have viewed Elephants, Giraffes, many species of Buck, Zebra, Rhino, Hippopotamus, Buffalo, Crocodiles, Large Iguana, many Bird species and much more, and to do this from an open boat on the water is the best way. The Summers are very hot, the Winters are mild, Spring and Autumn have a simply fantastic Climate.

The Lake is huge and resembles a smaller version of Lake Kariba, there is a wide choice of camping facilities, caravan parks, self catering chalets, bed and breakfasts and 4 and 5 Star lodges like Shayamoya in the area. There are also many game parks with the Big 5 and Reserves around the area and it is not too far to Cape Vidal, St. Lucia, Kosi Bay, Kosi Lakes, St. Lucia Lakes, Sodwana Bay, Mkhuze Game Reserve, Thembe Elephant Park and Hluhluwe Game Reserve. The Swaziland border is right there by Golela and a small part of the lake is in Swaziland, the Mozambique border is not too far away from the town of Jozini.

When you are there it is recommended to take the opportunity to explore the area and game parks around.

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Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini with beautiful surroundings

Professional Tiger Fishing Guide in South AfricaGet the full Tiger Fishing Experience

Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini - Tiger fish have incredibly sharp teeth

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Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini whilst enjoying the wildlife

Tiger Fishing and Bird WatchingSpinning and Lure Fishing for Tiger Fish

Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini

Fly Fishing For Tiger FishBoat Hire, Lake Jozini, Pongolapoort dam

Tiger Fishing at Lake Jozini whislt enjoying the wildlife

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 Contact Us: +27762999445 - mike@adventurefishing.co.za

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